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Hye guys! I am so sorry for my late update today, as I was so busy with my report huhu...

So today, we are gonna talk about one of the most popular movies in 2016, which is Train To Busan (korean movie). I am pretty sure that some of you might had watch this before, so yeah.
This movie is basically about a spread disease where the infected people will be zombies and they always ran after normal people to spread it. Soo-an, a daughter to her divorced parents was in the train with her father to Busan to celebrate her birthday with her mom. However, the exciting journey turned to be a horrible journey for her as one of the zombies was in the same train as her.

I personally love this movie as it portrays the situation of a single father where he didn't even care much of his daughter because of work. He didn't pay much attention on his daughter's desires and it made him looked like a bad father. When I grow up, I will try my best so that my children will not face the same situation like Soo-an had. Even though I will be busy with my work, I will make sure I know everything that happens with my children because this movie taught me that children are the most valuable gift a human could get. The ending of this movie is very lovely but in the same time it made me cry :'(

Oh yeah, 1 comment about the movie is that, the real factor of the disease was not discussed much. I was quite blur of why did the situation happened at the first place. Yeah, it did mentioned something related to Soo-an's father's company, but I still didn't get it.. So, if the writer can include a little bit details of the cause, I am pretty sure it will be so much fun! heheh.

Vocabulary session
1. Ado (foolish/unnecessarily talk, trouble/activity)
- " Without further ado, let us invite the man of the hour to the stage,"

2. Wee (very small or very young)
- He's just a wee lad.

2. Wee (very early)
- The delivery boy will start working at the wee hours in the morning.

3. Tremendous (very large/great)
- The Apollo 21's engine is so tremendous.

3. Tremendous (very good/excellent)
- She is an actor of tremendous talent.

Thats all for today.. It is already 2 o'clock huhu. Bye!

p/s: Soo-an has a tremendous talent in acting. I envy her so much!!!!!

November 24th 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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