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Hey guys! This afternoon, let us talk about this fiction film, entitled The Divergent that was aired in 2014. For me, i kinda love this film because it was a film that contains actions, romance and family relations. Oh yeah, this film was adapted from Veronica Roth's novels and it contains 3 more sequels. Insurgent (already in major film), Allegiant and Four.
This film was about Tris, who lived in The City with her family. The City was surrounded by the wall and the people were divided into 5 factions: Amity, Erudite, Candor, Dauntless and Abnegation. Tris was in the Abnegation. When someone was going to turn into a range of ages, they need to decide which faction they want to belong.

During the test, Tris was diagnosed as a Divergent, who doesn't belong to any faction because they suit in every faction. The problem here was that Divergent was considered as the dangerous group that can harm The City. So she kept it for herself. During the choosing ceremony, Tris chose to join the Dauntless while her brother in Erudite, both leaving their parents in the Abnegation.
In the Dauntless, she was being tortured a lot, but she trained very hard. This was because Dauntless was supposed to protect all of the people inside The City, exactly like the police. There, she met Four, who was the trainer for all the new members. It was happened to be that Four was actually one of the Divergent too.

The climax for this film was when the Erudited used all of the Dauntless to kill all of the Abnegations to overthrow them. They want to rule The City. The Dauntless was under the simulation, and they follow the order gave by the Erudite. However, the simulation wasn't working for the Divergent. Tris and Four were brilliant, they act just like the normal Dauntless. However, they were caught when one of the Dauntless leaders wanted to kill Four. Then, Four was brought to the Erudite leader, while Tris was saved by her mom, who successfully escaped.

Tris went to the Erudite main post to saved Four and shut the simulation system down. She went through some torture from the leader, but she finally did it. After that, Tris and Four ran away to a place where they didn't even know.

I liked this film as it taught me to keep running even when i will be tortured or being abandoned by others, No one will ever save me unless I save myself. Even though this film was totally unreal, but some of the indirect messages was there. Being different also doesn't mean that I was wrong, it may be another different way that human behave.

I would give 8/10 for this film!!!

Vocabulary session
1. Overthrow (to remove someone or sth from power especially by force)
- They overthrow the Abnegation people by killing all of them.

2. Vain (too proud of your appearance, abilities, achievements, etc)
- Keith is known as someone who is very vain about his intelligence in Mathematics.

2.Vain (having no success: not producing a desired result)
- Even though her efforts were in vain, she never gave it up.

3. Fortress (a place that is protected against attack: a fortified place)
- The military camp is one of the fortress spot in the country.

I bet that's all for today. Adios!

November 23rd 2016.
Ok, this one was ...... HA HA

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