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Hey guys! Today i am going to make a review on a movie entitled as above. I watched this movie for the first time when Miss Jo chose it for our weekly movie.
This movie was a very good movie, as for me, it portrays the current situation in our society. It was about Juno, a high school girl who got pregnant and she decided to give her baby away. One day, she met a couple who desperately wanted a baby because they had married for a long time, but was not gifted any baby yet. Juno liked the couple because they had a very beautiful house, and looked happy together. Actually, even though Juno seemed like didn't care much about her baby, but she was trying to find a happy family so that her daughter will have a great life afterwards.
So, they made a deal that Juno will updated them about her pregnancy and the baby will be handed as soon after the baby was out.The plan went smoothly until one day, the husband asked the wife for divorce. At first, she was so sad as the plan seemed like it would not went as they intended. But somehow Juno was still going to continue her plan to give her baby to the wife, as she had seen how the wife acts as a mother in the mall one day back then. 

In my point of view, Juno's actions should be praised as she done the right thing. She find a good family to give her baby because she realised that she couldn't take care of the baby at the current state. This movie was very relevant as a Malaysian, because as we can see the babies problem had arose drastically lately. Rather than throwing them in the garbage, kill them in the toilet, they can make a right decision just like what Juno did. Find a suitable family to give the baby away. The baby's life will not be that dark and their life might be much better. I am so sad and disappointed watching how the babies were treated, as they were the culprit of the parents' sin. May Allah protect us from all of those state.

Btw I love Ellen Page so much!!!
Isn't she too pretty and cool in some way???
Vocabulary session
1. Stride (to walk with very long steps)
- Sharifah strode towards the KFC since she was starving to death.

2. Lest (for fear that. -used when you are saying something in order to prevent something from happening)
- Joe was hesitant to speak the truth to the police lest he be killed.

3. Whetstone (a stone used for sharpening knives, blades, etc)
- The whetstone was so difficult to get, as they can only be bought in the markets.

Thats all for today. Bye!

November 25th 2016.

arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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