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I went outing yesterday with pah, kc, zaf, faruq, raziq n lehe. basically it was because i was so craving to eat at boat noodle and in the same time, i wanna watch the latest marvel movie; Doctor Strange.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE VERY MUCH as firstly, it was because of Bennedick heheh (obviously). The first movie that i watched Bennedick acting was in The Imitation Game. The character in TIT was so contradicted with his character in Dr Strange. I love this movie also because of its superb animations (not sure whether this is the right term or not huhu), characters and also the presence of humor there.

Q: Has watching this movie changed you as a person?
A: Yes. It totally shocked me when Strange went there, and he was willingly to learn all of the weird and unexpected knowledge that for me, was so illogical to exist. Even though he resist at first, but he still learnt it after that. So he taught me that even though we have abundance knowledge or skill, we still don't know every single thing in this world. This movie also reminded me of one of my Lord's words in Quran:

Say: If the sea were ink for the words of my Lord, the sea would surely be consumed before the words of my Lord are exhausted, though We were to bring the like of that (sea) to add (al-Kahfi/18:109)

It also implies that even a professional expert person will have something that he don't know, while i, this small person should know nothing about something more than the expert. I truly thought a lot about this just after i watched the movie. Subhanallah, how small i am in this world...

The vocabulary session tonight is not based on the movie since i was too excited yesterday that i forget to jot down the words that i am not familiar with hehe.

Vocabulary session
1. Seize (to get or take sth in a forceful, sudden, or violent way)
- The army has seized control of the country because of the assassination.

2. Whimper (to make a quiet crying sound)
- I could hear my mom whimpering after dad's funeral.

2. Whimper (to complain in a weak or annoying way)
- My younger brother whimpered to my mom that the hospital's meals are supposedly for the dead people.

3. Skint (having no money/penniless)
- When she got really skint, she will wander around the town to seek for jobs that she can do.

Okay, thats all for tonight. Adios fellas!

November 13th 2016. 

P/s: tomorrow is Syaros' birthday, but i forget to buy him present hehehhhhh

arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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