Re Movies: Pee Mak Phrakanong

Hye guys! So today i picked this horror/romance comedy entitled Pee Mak Phrakanong. This movie is actually a parody of the real horror Thailand tale, Nak Phrakanong. I first watched this movie when i was in Form 3, i guess. Yet i still watch it this year, maybe for the sixth time heheh. This movie is one of my favorite horror movie, because there was the humor elements that i will burst my stomach laughing at :D

I love these guys sooooooo much because of their specific roles in this movie. The minor character that i loved most will be those 4 guys at the bottom of the poster; Ter, Puak, Shin and Aey. For me, these four guys were actually making this horror movie as a horror comedy movie because of their jokes and also stupid actions. Without them, i don't think so that this movie will be as fun as i thought.

Oh yeah, the most important part about these four guys is their hair. Their hair also implies the combination of old and modern elements. Even though the setting of this movie was back during the war, but the hair styles of each characters varies and sometimes it was one of the humor elements actually heheh.

just like current hair styles right? Except for the two at the centre lol
As for me, if i were in Mak's shoes, i would not do as what Mak did. Even though i love my husband eternally, i will not live with a ghost and denying myself that he was dead (i know i'm spoiling it heheh). Dead was meant to be dead.. but the ending was so funny that i will laugh at it even though i had watched it for how many times lololololol

Vocabulary session
1. Pier (a structure that goes out from a shore into the water)
- After his wife's death, he sit at the pier every morning, reminiscing his old memories with his wife.

2. Cemetery (a place where dead people are buried)
- My mother is going to the cemetery to attend her friend's funeral who died because of a car accident.

3. Agony (extreme mental or physical pain)
- The medicine relieves the agony of muscle cramps very quickly.

See you again fellas!

November 14th 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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