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Hye peeps. Happy weekend btw! heheh

so today, im gonna write a review bout the movie entitled as above. Actually, i watched it long time ago, but it came to my head this morning that i need to make a review about it. so, yeah here i go.

what i love about this movie is that both my fav actors are in!!!!! Lily Collins and Sam Claflin omg omg omg :D

I read the novel first actually,before watchingthe whole movie. There is slightly difference, but i treasure the movie more actually heheh. this is because the book is quite slow in decision making, while the movie is just what i want. anyone had watched it will understand what i am trying to say ;)

This movie is about the relationship between Alex and Rosie, which had been started since they were a child. Their relationship is just as what i had dreamt of; having a friend that i can share anything without any limitations huhu.. By the way, they didn't realise their true feeling towards one another, that resulted in their late love-relationship.

Q: What advice would you offer to one of the characters?
A: Generally, i love this story, but somehow i am quite dissatisfied with Rosie and Alex. When they realise their true feelings towards each other, they should just say it. Especially during the days when Rosie was left by her husband. Alex should just stand by her side, comfort her and then confess his love. And also, if i were Rosie, i will not accept Greg again even though he made tons of promises, after abandoning me. If he truly love me eternally, he wouldn't put me away like Greg did. Then, why should i accept him again right?


Vocabulary sessions
1. Yank (to suddenly pull sth in a quick, forceful way)
- Joe yanked the door shut to avoid the dog from entering the house.

2. Zit (a small, re, swollen spot on the skin (slang for pimple))
- Bethany is having a bad mood since she just had four new zit on her forehead.

3.  Bimbo (an attractive but stupid woman)
- A scandal that involving a bimbo effectively ended a congressman's career.

So i think thats all for tonight. Bye fellas!

November 12th 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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