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Tonight, the movie that i will be discussing about is a Chinese movie. The theme was action and romance. In my point of view, this movie is quite unique as it combined the real world and the game world. As a person that is not into games, i was quite amazed if this kind of game is actually exist in our current world.
In this movie, Xiao Nai is the most genius computer science student in that college. He was admired by all of the girl students because of his genius brain and also his good-looking face. Wei Wei, the female lead actress, was also into Xiao Nai, but she never showed her interest on him.

Wei Wei was the 7th top professional player in the current game that they were playing (sorry i forget the title of game huhu), while Xiao Nai was the famous Master Naihe, which was the first most professional player duringthe current period. They got married in the game, but they never met each other until Xiao Nai invited Wei Wei to meet up in the actual world.

The moment when they first met was one of the cutest moment as Wei Wei was not expecting her 'game husband' was her crush in the actual world lol. Actually, Xiao Nai already knew that Wei Wei was her, because of some previous incidents. They started dating and yeah they made a very cute couple heheh..
Despite all of the sweet events highlighted in this movie, for me, the most significant aspect presented in this movie is about the real-life situation that was portrayed. When the game company hijacked Xiao Nai and his friends' project, the writer of this movie successfully showed me the ugly truth of our current world. When we already worked super hard, there will be obstacles before we achieve that triumph such as people trying to use our work for granted or trick us with their power.

Furthermore, even though we will be having hard times somehow, Xiao Nai proved to me that hard works will always pay off. After the hijacking of their project, he stand up again and worked really hard for four years with his friends and also with the aid from Wei Wei. Finally, he successfully established a new game that was a big hit in the China's game industry. This movie inspired me a lot actually...

Vocabulary session
1. Fallacy (a wrong belief)
- The new discovery about the treatment of the disease blurs the once-common fallacy about it that it cannot be cured forever.

2. Expanse (a large and usually flat open space or area)
- The movie was about the journey of four explorers who crossed the vast expanses of seven seas by using their small ships.

3. Swoop (to arrive at a place suddenly and unexpectedly)
- During the exchange of the detainee and money with their target, the police swooped in and captured the criminals.

Thats all for tonight. Bye!
(p/s: actually this movie has a drama version. if you guys wanna watch it, go check it out! ;) )

November 20th 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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