Re Movies: The Secret Life of Pets

Tonight im gonna tell u guys about a quite new cartoon movie that had been aired this year, entitled as above.

This is one of the movie that i watched if i wanna relieve my tension as it was very light and easy to understand as yeah, it is more for the kids heheh.
So, this movie is basically about the life of the pets when their owners are gone from home, The writer tried to portray on how the pets interacts with each other, and how they behave at the back of their respective owners. Even though it seems illogical, but still it's fun to see them as carefree as them lol.

The main character of this movie is Max, Katie's dog. She picked Max from the streets and took a very good care of him and he was the only pet Katie ever had, until one day.. Katie brought Duke home, and Max felt jealous of Duke, as he felt that Katie's love had been taken away by Duke.

They always fought each other until they were caught by the Animal Control officers and trapped with Snowball and the gang. At first, they were allies with Snowball until Snowball learned that Max and Duke were actually pets (as Snowball was fighting for the freedom of the animals from human). Their relationship tightened as they went through lots of obstacles and fighting together. By the way, Snowball was super cute doesn't it? hehehhhh :D
But somehow, i was quite disappointed about the story of the owner of Duke. For me, I would prefer if the writer included on what happened to the former Duke's owner, as it explained well on why Duke was throwned away. In the movie, it only explained that his owner moved to another house, but not explained well the reasons of the move. So, it made me sad a little bit huhu.

Vocabulary session
1.Sober (not drunk)
- Sarah needs to stay sober tonight, as she will be our driver to Manhattan.

1. Sober (having or showing a very serious attitude or quality)
- Illness is a sober reminder of our mortality.

2. Blatant (very obvious and offensive)
- The professor is currently doing a research about the blatant lie taught in the nation's history.

3. Facet (a part or element of something)
- Our behaviors may portray some of our various facets of our identity.
Thats all for tonight! Sleep tight peeps ;)

November 19th 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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