Re Movies: The Fault in Our Stars

So our movie genre today is a romantic drama film, stars Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace and Ansel Elgort as Augustus Waters. I am very excited to watch this film is besause of Woodley and Elgort, where i already watched them acting in The Divergent that had been released earlier than The Fault in Our Stars.

Hazel was diagnosed to has terminal thyroid cancer since she was 13. As a sign of care for her, her parents send her to a support group to socialize with other people that has the same kind of disease. Hazel was always hesitated to go there, but as a token of appreciation for her parents, she still went there. One day, she met Augustus who lost a leg from bone cancer, but has since been cancer-free there.

They hang out together, share hobbies, talk about things that they keep for a very long time, and also share their favorite books. The climax of this story was when they went to Amsterdam to look out for the author of Hazel's favorite book, to ask him about the ending of the book. However, the author, Van Houten was mad at Hazel for being so serious to seek serious answers for a piece of fiction and belittled her medical condition. (By the way, Amsterdam is so beautiful i cannot help but to keep dreaming to go there one fine day :D)

The most sad moment was upon their arrival in Indianapolis, Augustus' health worsened as his cancer has returned and spread throughout his body and he was dying. At the end of this film, Augustus died and Hazel realised that Van Houten was there too. Houten told Hazel that Augustus asked him to attend his funeral, and he explained that the book he wrote was based on his personal experience about his late daughter, Anna who died from leukemia at a young age.

Watching this film, it gave me a lot of information about the real situations of cancer patients. I truly thanked John Green for writing such a beneficial piece that taught me how cancer patients think, reasons of their behaviors and the actual things that they really want in their life. If i was going to meet or befriend with these type of patients, i would be more cautious on how i behave because i already have knowledge about them. Thank you to all the crews that involved in the making of The Fault in Our Stars!!

Vocabulary session
1. Oblivion (the state of sth that is not remembered, used or thought about any more)
- His theories have faded into oblivion.

1. Oblivion (the state of being unconscious or unaware: the state of not knowing what is going on around you)
- She drank herself into oblivion.

1. Oblivion (the state of being destroyed)
- The little village was bulldozed into oblivion to make way for the airport.

2. Whim (a sudden wish, desire, decision, etc, or change of mind)
- She bought the ice cream on a whim.

3. Accustomed (make someone or sth to accept something as usual or normal)
- I accustomed my eyes to the new lenses.

Thats all for today. Oh yeah please pray for my friends and I for our final exam! Thank you guys ;)
This is the book, if you prefer to read :)
November 21st 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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