MADPP Inter-class Debate Tournament 2016

I realised that I had not writing posts about my own life for a veryyyyyyyy long time. I miss my old times when I had so much inspirations to write. I don't know what happened to me :(

So, now, I am going to tell you guys about my experience during the MADPP inter-class debate tournament 2016. I was in the group 3, my teammates were Fahim and Zangief. They both were sooooo great that i was so insecure every time we were discussing huhu.

Talking about debate, i remembered my times back in kopu. For five years living in kopu, I envied the debate team so much because I couldn't join them. I asked Miss Erine and Miss Fat for three times but they rejected me as I was not qualified, based on my exam scores. Okay then... But then I joined Kota Putra Debate Championship (KDC) twice with my debate siblings, Faiqah and Syakir. For the first try, we lost in 2013. But, in 2014, we won as the champion and we were so happy!! :')
Ohh my boolat face >.<
Back to the original story, our group had to defeat Kamil's group which consisted of Alan, Kamil, Ayda and Sal. We were so nervous as their group members were too great. But, we gave our best to debate on the motion 'THW ban animal dissections in schools' as the government. I, as the PM, Zangief the deputy and Fahim as the whip. I was so nervous at the first place as I never play the PM's role (as before this, I would be the 2nd or 3rd speaker, which I thought I was so brave debating back then. But now...... hmmm). We prepared for this motion 2 nights earlier (Fahim was the most excited one actually heheh), and I watched back all the debate videos on the Youtube. And alhamdulillah, we managed to go to the next round, exactly 1 round after the next debate.

In this round, we met Minion, Riza and Fatin on the motion of 'THBT wealthy people should pay higher taxes' as the opposition. However we motion stands and we lose, :')

In the final round, my roommates, Sharifah and Iffah was in, alongside with Amirul Afiq. They were defeating Helena, Wilbur and Fina. I was so proud of them debating in fornt of everyone else!!!!

To wrap this up, I learnt a lot from this event. I learnt how to be the speaker of the house (even though they bashed me :P because I was trying to cheer the serious situation, even though I was aware that a speaker shouldn't do that heheh), giving a quality POI, and to speak more confident about my point. I had this 'disease' that I can't talk confidently when I am in front of all of the great people. I am too afraid to speak up hmmm.

So here are some pictures during the event. Enjoy!

Me, Zangief and Fahim

I thinks thats all for today. Thank you for reading! :D

November 25th 2016.

arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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