Re Movies: Big Hero 6

I believe most of you had watched this movie, or... some may not. heheh. This movie is more about family, friends and technologies.
Hiro, an orphan boy who lived with his aunt and his older brother, Tadashi was a genius, just like Tadashi. However, he dislike being at school, as for him schools was just for the nerds. One fine night, Tadashi brought Hiro to his extraordinary lab and Hiro was exactly attracted to Tadashi's school, as it suited his passion.

He worked really hard for the school's mostrurio, where the people will invent and present new technologies in front of the school's director in order to enroll in the school. Hiro invented the microrobs, that have no limtitation to create things by using the human's imagination. Finally, he got that offer. Sadly, his brother died on the same night when he tried to save the director from the fire in the hall.

Hiro was so upset by his brother's death and he din't want to go to school, until Baymax was activated when he accidentally hit something in his bedroom. Right after Baymax showed up, his microrobs scanned another microrobs. Filled up with curiosity, Hiro and Baymax went out to found out of it because he never made another microrobs since the fire. They found an old factory and found out that there were lots of microrobs, as someone hijacked his invention.

Planning to defeat the hijacker, Hiro turned Baymax to a fighting robot to assist him. On the night to defeat, the plan cancel because the microrobs were abundance and he knew he couldn't defeat it alone. During this period, Tadashi's friends came and offer him help. They create new uniforms for each of them, and after that they found the island that may contain hints about the hijacker.

At the island, they finally found out who was the hijacker-the school's director, Callaghan! This was because, he wanted to take revenge on his younger brother, Mr. Krei (Krei Tech's owner) who had taken his daughter's life by holding an experiment of a new time-travel machine that was not completed yet. On the day of Callaghan's plan to held the revenge, Hiro and his friends tried to stop Callaghan from doing it. They also successfully saved Callaghan's daughter through the machine, but the most heart-breaking scene was when Baymax sacrifice himself to get Hiro and Callaghan's daughter out of the machine...:'(
By the way, I sympathize the villain, which was Callaghan. I might not understand how he felt, but the state of losing someone at the wrong hand might suffered him a lot. I can't imagine if I was in his shoes. Losing my love, but I can't stand for their rights. . But still, taking revenge like Callaghan did was not right in our society context. He can report the incident to the police, and I am sure Mr. Krei will be totally punished of his crimes.

Vocabulary session
1. Enigma (someone or sth that is difficult to understand or explain)
- "I don't know what else to do to . She was just such an enigma!"

2. Radical (vey new and different from what is traditional/ordinary)
- The new president has made some radical changes in the government organisation.

3. Frosty (unfriendly or cold)
- Jane doesn't have much friend because of her frosty personality.

Till then. Bye!

November 22nd 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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