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Hey guys! Im very sorry for my very long hiatus huhuhu..

So today I am going to talk about a short story that my classmates and I discussed today. The story entitled black box by Jennifer Egan. The story is about the instructions for a woman spy who is working with the country. She is collecting data from a kind of criminal ( I don’t know whether he is a drug dealer, terrorist or etc because it is never stated in the text).

So I discussed this story with my debate teammate; Faruq and Zangief. At first, I am quite blur as I read the story when I was too sleepy last night hehe. But thanks to them, I managed to recall what I just read yesterday ;)

The woman go through a lot of obstacles just to complete her mission with the aid from some technologies such as Field Instructions and ear mike. She sacrifice herself without getting paid, she portrays her patriotism to her country, which is a very good message that I learnt.

So, the question I chose for this short story is:
How did the material reflect current events?
A: The sacrifice done by the woman reminded me of the Palestinians citizens. They sacrifice themselves to protect their nation and religion from being taken by another irresponsible government; Israel. Lots of armies being shot, yet there are still a lot of youngsters that willingly to fight for the country. It emphasize the importance of patriotism in every citizen in order to preserve the emancipation of one state.

Vocabulary session
1. Eluded (to avoid or escape (someone or something) by being quick, skillful or clever)
- The robber was able to elude the police by the help from his friends.

1. Eluded (to fail to be achieved by someone)
- The cause of the disease continues to elude the scientists.

2. Goofy (crazy or silly)
- Syakir is well-known for his goofy faces when joking.

3. Cosmos (the universe especially when it is understood as an ordered system)
- The origin of the cosmos that we had been living in is still eluded the researchers.

I think thats all for today. Thanks!

9th November 2016.

arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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