Re Novel: The Crown

Hey folks! So sorry for my long long long hiatus huhu. I don't know what had happened to me, that i don't have the desire to update my blog :'(

So, todayyyyy i am so excited as i will be reviewing one the novels by my favorite author; Kierra Cass.

Basically, The Crown is actually the last sequel of the selection series. I had read 5 of the books before i entered here, so i couldn't make the review of those books since they are at my home back in Terengganu.

Q: One lesson I learned from this novel is...

A: Follow our heart no matter what. When this book ends, i was really shocked as i expected that Eadlyn would choose Kile, her friend since they were child. But, Eadly didn't love Kile. She loved someone else who was not on the Elite. I expected Eadlyn would choose Kile because i thought Kile was the most perfect candidate as her future husband, even though she didn't love him. However, it turned out that she followed her heart that she loved Eikko and finally ther married each other. Oh so sweet hehe :D

Vocabulary session
1. Ascend (to gain or succeed to; acquired)
    - Prince Henry is going to ascend the throne since he is he first prince in the royal family.

1. Ascend (to go or move upward upon or along; climb; mount)
    - She needs an assistant to help her ascending the stair because she injured her knees yesterday.

1. Ascend (to rise to a higher point; rank; or degree; proceed from an inferior degree to a superior degree)
    - Doctor Travis worked really hard in order to ascend to the professor level.

2. Rejoice (to make joyful; gladden)
    - Her husband sang her a song to rejoice her broke heart because of her mother's death.

3. Plead (to ask something in a serious way and emotional way)
    - He begged and pleaded, but she would not change her mind.

3. Plead (to try to prove (a case) in a court of law)
    - Because of her financial problem, Mary couldn't afford a lawyer to plead her case.

I think that's all for today. Bye!

August 13th 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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