Re Movies: Me Before You

Today i went to Aeon Taiping to watch this movie. Oh man! I was just very excited till i could not sleep well last night lol.
One thing i would say about this movie is: THIS MOVIE IS TOTALLY CHARMING. It started with William Traynor, a successful businessman. On his way for a business matter, a motorbike hit him on the road. This accident had put him to an unexpected nightmare. He was totally paralyzed, except for his brain to his chest. He could not even moved his arm, and he was totally depended on his wheelchair. His life was so terrible-he could not walk, run and do those things he usually did when he was still capable- until his mother employed Louisa Clark as his nanny. 

Lou, a cheerful, friendly and sweet girl tried to bring the shine into Will's life. Until one fine day, Lou heard the conversation between Mr. Clark and Mrs. Clark about Will was going to die. He will kill himself, in six more months in Switzerland. So, will Lou able to change Will's perspective about his life?
This is my favorite scene- when Lou dance with Will on his wheelchair (how sweeeeeetttttt)
Q: Do I sympathize with the villain?

A: Yes. I might not know how does it feel to have legs and hands, unfortunately i can't use them anymore. But, for me, Will should be more stronger to face his life. Lou is just right by his side, so why not he consider to live and enjoy his life with the woman that he loved right? Killing himself might had broke Lou's heart and for me, it was a bit cruel to Lou as Lou had been loving Will for eternity-she even left her boyfriend, Pat for Will!

Oh man, i know i had spoiled this movie lol. Sorry guys, you know i have to :) 

Generally, i would love to give 7.5/10. The movie is just nice, but i think i need more: scenes, emotions, etc. Oh yeah, i cried a lot when i watched this last afternoon.

I just love Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke! Lol. Till we meet again.

June 4th 2016.

arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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