Annyeong Mr. John Brendan!

Yesterday was our last day with our great and obviously-handsome professor, Mr. John Brendan. He was here to teach us about the SAT for last fortnight. It was wonderful to have him as our professor.
He taught us about the practices, the college essays, analytical essays, Americans' cultures, the food and also about Islam there. He is a great professor for us- as we are just like totally dumb about the SAT lol. But then, he managed to train us to be an expert in English, especially for the SAT exam.

He gave us a lot of motivations. Some of his words that i love most are:

You have to read something that will challenge you, challenge your brain. Actually during these last two weeks when you are reading those articles, your minds' muscles are growing. Then, I would like to pick from Einstein: When someone is just doing the same thing as he usually did, but indeed he is hoping for something extraordinary, then that is the definition of insanity. (This is just a rephrasing sentences because i could not remember the actual words)
Yeah, you can see my excited face there -.-"

So here i put also our video specially dedicated to Brendan.

I hope we will meet again :')

June 4th 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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