Re Movies: The Mortal Instruments

So tonight i am going to summarize some things about this movie. Anyone had watched this movie, put your hands up!

This movie is a fiction-genre. Basically it is about shadow hunters that are searching for their holy cup, which is the Mortal Cup from being taken away by their enemies, led by Valentine. The main character is Clary, a great shadow hunter. But, she did not acknowledge that she was one of them. After Valentine had kidnapped her mother which was also a shadow hunter, then she knew about it from Jace. Jace is the guy next beside Clary in the poster. Behind him are Alex and Isabelle, his friends from the Institute. The cute guy is definitely Simon, Clary's best friend.

The movie then revealed how Clary finally found the Mortal Cup by using her amazing ability, inherited by her mother.

A question i chose to answer for this movie is : If i met the main character, would i become friends with them?

So, definitely yes! If this shadow hunters-stuff is really exist in world, then it is a great thing to be friends with Clary and Jace. I would love to see them use their amazing powers, such as Clary can get a drawing out of the paper. Urgh, it would be great if i can see she doing it in front of my eyes lol.

Vocabulary session

1. Eccentric (unconventional and strange)
    - Even he is known as an eccentric person, but he is quite genius.

2. Summon (order to appear in a law court, call to a meeting, send for)
   - My father is summoned to go to the court this Friday because of the past accident.

3. Immense (extremely great)
   - Shadow hunters have an immense power that can't be beaten up by any other creatures.

As the conclusion for the movie, i would rate it as 4/5. It is just because the ending is quite spoiling the entire movie. Why? Then you should watch it! I hope there is a next one to explain the ending lol.

Last but not least, Simon is just too cute to handle lol.

Robert Sheehan <3 Kbye.

May 24th 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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Miss Xyz said...

Ahaha, im glad when someone watched mortal instruments and actually liked it. I'm an avid reader of mortal instuments. City of bones / glass / fallen angels well and the rest.. I'd read all the books series except for the last one :p

Guess I cant handle letting go such a good book series ehehe

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