Fazrul In Memories

Adios people!

Tonight, i would like to tell ya guys about one of my pretty friend here. His name is Fazrul. But i used to call him Fazrul Khan. Just.

I knew him during our interview for this program. We are in the same group for task discussion, same goes to Alan (but Alan choose not to approach me kfine). During the discussion he spoke very soft and sometimes i could not understand what he was trying to say lol.

On the very first day we were here, then it was fated we were in the same group for orientation week. Again. Then i just realised, ouh this soft guy lol. We went through the week smoothly and alhamdulillah we became friends(even though not that 'good'-kinda friend act).

When we met at the cafe (usually for dinner), he often asked me to treat him. Since i am always that 'generous' girl, then i always replied him that i would love to treat him when we are already in the US. But, i think that it would definitely not going to happen anymore since he is already gone from my sight.

There was one day, when i was carrying two bags on my shoulder; my lappy bag and my books' bag. He said that i was like the marketer who went around to sell products =.=

To the future heart doctor, i pray may Allah ease your journey to achieve your dreams. Be a good doctor, not just for the title but willingly to serve the community itself. Because that is the absolute value of becoming a great doctor.

I am just posting this because Fazrul had moved away from MADPP. Please don't assume that he is dead already guys.


arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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