Re Movies: The Prince and Me (2004)

So today is about a very nice movie; The Prince and Me. I had watched it in HBO back then, but i intend to watch it again because i miss it :')

When Edward went to Wisconsin to enjoy the girls there, but ended up in a college, he met Paige Morgan who was a hardworking girl.At first, they fought a lot because Edward was a lazy brat but in the meantime they started to be friends. They studied together, Paige also taught Edward to do a lot of things like doing the laundry and lastly they were in love. But, Paige did not know who Edward really was.

One day, when they were kissing in the library, there were paparazzi taking pictures of them and after that Paige knew that Edward was actually the Royal Highness of Denmark. She could not accept that Edward was lying to her all this time. Then, what happened? You should watch it!

Q: Did the ending match your initial impression of the material?

A: Firstly, i just thought that Paige will just stay in the castle and enjoy her luxurious life as a new Queen. But she decided to leave and continue her dreams to be a doctor and go around the world. The most unexpected part is when Edward was willingly to wait for her achieving her dream and he will help Paige's dream to go around the world and giving medical aids for those in need. What a gentleman! 

Actually this is my movie for last week, but i didn't manage to post this last week. So i think that's all for today.

June 22nd 2016.
17 Ramadhan 1437H.

arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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