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This one is my novel review for this week. The previous one is my last week review actually. But, i forget to post that..

So this novel is a sequel for Wake in watersong series.
Generally, Lullaby explains Gemma's life as a siren. She lived at Sawyer's home with Penn, Thea and Lexi. Gemma faced a lot of problems to adapt the new life; she lose her appetite, she did not swim anymore. The worst thing ever she almost died! Then, Penn forced her to swim and she recovered. One thing that she regret was she ate a man's heart. Sirens needs to eat 4 times per year, but she never imagined that she would done that disgusted thing.

Then, Daniel saw in the newspaper that a man had died with his stomach tore apart. He knew that this might be a hint on where Gemma was. When Harper saw that, they immediately went there with Alex. Finally, they found Gemma and took her home.

Gemma stayed home until Penn came. Penn allowed her to stay. But, when she comes back, Gemma must follow them. They agreed on that. Then, the story continue in the next book.

Unfortunately, we don't have the sequel in library :'( so i might have to buy on my own :'(

A question for this sequel: Would i make same choices as the villain? Why?

A: If i were in Gemma's shoes, i don't think that i would run away from them. This is because i know Penn can hurt my family in a second. So, i would not put them in a dangerous zone. I would protect them even i have to be away. For me, Gemma was a brave girl. She was extremely willing to take the risk to be beside of her family.

Vocabulary session

1. Pastor (a minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation)
    - The pastor asked us to give a last speech for Anne before he buried her.

2. Beneficiary (a person who derives advantage from something, especially a trust, will, or life insurance policy)
    - The lawyer stated that this house will be Adam's, as Justin's beneficiary.

3. Pedophile (a person who is sexually attracted to children)
    - The pedophile had been arrested yesterday because he raped a six-years old girl at an old house.

I hope A found Tidal and Elegy someday :'(

May 26th 2016.
arigato haikk sudi bace :)

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